Plant & Technology

The Tarapur plant is a multi-fiber fabric processing unit using cotton, linen, giza cotton, viscose, polyester, tencel, modal, lycra, along with their blends. With its annual processing capacity of 144 million meters (400,000 meters per day), the Tarapur plant is the largest single roof fabric processing unit in India adequately supported by its captive power, effluent treatment, RO water, and other utilities enabling cost competitiveness. It also has a captive yarn dyeing unit with an annual capacity of 10.6 million kg (29 tonnes per day). Our solids and yarn dyed fabric, printing, processing, and finishing techniques are a mark of excellence making every piece of fabric perfect.

  • Mercerizer

    Dimension stability alongside luster, feel and colour.

  • Pad Steam

    The fabric in open width is dyed continuously using padded dyestuff and steamed.

  • Print Washer

    We used the best washing model for efficient washing in textile finish.

  • Osthoff Singeing & preparatory

    Singe both sides in single pass or one side twice

  • Stenter

    Integrated heat recovery system with clear benefits of cleaning and maintenance of the line

  • Sanforizer

    Compact knitting of the fabric

  • Calendering

    Compacting the finished fabric after drying

  • Sample Warping

    Used for manufacturing of stencils along with the production warps

  • Beam to Beam

    Top quality warp beams used for weaving.

  • Creel to Beam Sizing

    Tailor made creels used to produce high quality warps.

  • Fabric Inspection

    Compact inspection machine for Linen Fabric

  • Beam to Beam

    Top quality warp beams used for weaving.

  • Folding

    Folding and rolling machine for linens

  • Microsand

    Sueding the fibers

  • Ultrasoft

    Brushing sueding machine with ultra soft roller

  • Raising

    Special raising roller machine

  • Airo

    Provides a permanent softening effect and natural compaction of fibers

  • Soft Flow

    Fabric are dyed using the jet of dying liquor

  • Yarn Dyeing

    High quality yarn dying machine

  • Printing

    Textile screen printing machine

  • E-Control Dyeing

    Single bath continuous dyeing machine

  • Grey Batching

    Special machineries for preparation of grey fabric

  • Weaving Looms

    High quality weaving loom

  • Pad Batch Dyeing

    Fast and standard dyeing techniques

  • Batch Dyeing

    High performance dying machineries


The world is warming up to the concept of sustainable fashion, and so are we. At BTPL, we believe in creating fabrics that leave less carbon footprint, thereby offering our business partners with products that meet the high expectations of today's eco-conscious customers. Here are a few standards we comply with.

  • GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards – Ecology and Social Responsibility) Certification
  • OCS (Organic Cotton Standard) Certification
  • GRS (Global Recycled Standard) Certification
  • BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) Certification
  • EUROPEAN FLAX Certification for Premium Linen