Bombay Rayon Brands

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Linen Vogue

LinenVogue - La Classé

Made out of hand-picked linen fibers from the fields of France & Belgium. LinenVogue - La Classé - this nature’s gifted fabric is tenderly crafted, processed & finished with state-of-the-art European technology and unrivaled passion. We assure that LinenVogue - La Classé fabric has been made ecologically to preserve its purity. The preferred fabric for The Royales.

Giza Cotton

Giza Classé

Giza Classé brings the world's finest and rarest cotton from the mystic land of Egypt. Giza Classé is not just fabric; it's a treasure, a lineage of Egyptian affluence that complements the grandeur of class. Giza cotton is soft, fine, luxurious, and has a natural shimmer in it.

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Other Brands

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Dickens Brownie